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Friendsheep is a game about two Supersheeps that are friends, it’s a friendsheep. This is the Friendsheep story.

A deranged professor and farmer wanted to grow his two pigs, Baconesse and Porky, larger because of his unstoppable food cravings. But in his lab, the professor accidentaly spilled the bottle of toxic waste into the pigs’ food supply. The pigs mutated into Supersheeps with the amazing ability to fly. At first everything seemed alright, except for the pigs being mutated into Supersheeps. As time went on the Supersheeps needed constant feeding to stay alive and the professors food was running out. It was in this time of chaos the sheeps bond and friendship grew stronger. When the food was completely gone they decided to fly away to find food elsewhere. Now you must help them survive for as long as you can!

That is where you, as a player, comes in. The two supersheeps are out hunting for superfood in the form of clovers. They can only be gathered up in the air since they are very light weight. The mission is to keep both sheeps in the air at the same time, if you miss a clover the sheep will loose energy and loose their ability to fly. The clover is also color coded so the sheep with the red cape can only eat red clovers, and the sheep with the blue cape can only eat blue clovers. They are allergic to each others clovers.

But that’s not all. You have to watch out for obstacles that are in the way. You will also have to look out for extraterrestrial life. As you continue to become better at this game it will also become more difficult.

To compete with your friends and others playing this game there is a global leaderboard that will always display the top three players of Friendsheep and it will display in what place you are in the ladder.

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